There is much to celebrate in Hazel-E's household. The new mom is enjoying time with her firstborn, a baby girl named Ava Dior Waller, and the rapper is also featured alongside her fiancé Devon Waller on the forthcoming season of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition. The happy couple hopes to work out a few kinks in their relationship before walking down the aisle, but Devon took to Instagram to call out his family members who have allegedly been sliding in his woman's DMs.

"This message is to my damn men in my family that feelz mad comfortable hitting my wife up in her DM's saying this and that," Devon Waller wrote in his Instagram Story. "Ima start putting my hands on my own Blood. You could hit me up n*gga to tell me that. Reason why I don't f*ck wit a lot of my family cause you n*ggas think you slick. It's a reaction for every action f*ck wit me this is why I don't f*ck wit a lot of my family. No respect, that why that FAMILY sh*t don't mean Sh*t to me nomore."

He didn't specify what was said, but he later wrote that he's th e"Black cartel" when it comes to his "lil family." Check it out below.