Few shows drive the excitement and anticipation that HBO’s Game of Thrones has over the past few years. With Season 7 quickly approaching, fans have been devouring any rumor about the show. HBO just revealed the release date for the next season of Game of Thrones in a very unusual way.

Instead of simply announcing in a video, Game of Thrones live streamed a gigantic block of ice melting on Facebook, asking fans to comment “Fire,” "DRACARYS or the fire emoji in order to more quickly melt the ice by shooting out flames. Actors from the series made appearances throughout to encourage fans. Eventually, the release date was revealed: July 16, 2017. If you missed the melting, you can re-watch it below. At one point it had over 100,000 people watching simultaneously.

After the release date emerged from the block of ice, GoT posted a true teaser video, which consists of statues of beasts while character dialogue plays in the background. When season 7 releases, the focus will definitely be “The Great War.” Watch the video below.