Heavy D passed away two years ago, but now his brother, who also served as the late rapper's manager, is seeking control of Heavy D's estate. Heavy D's brother is in possession of an old will from the rapper, which leaves nothing for his thirteen-year-old daughter (it was written before her birth), or other family members.

TMZ reports that Floyd Myers, who is D's brother and former business manager, filed documents in L.A. County Superiour Court last week claiming that Heavy D wrote a will in 1999 and lost it awhile ago, however Floyd was given a copy.

This will specifies that all Heavy D's assests go to his brother, which consisted of $320,000 (this amount may change given future royalties etc.) Although Floyd is seeking to put this will in to action, his lawyer says that he is still on good terms with Heavy D's extended family. The lawyer explained that this a formality, in order to clear title on a condo which the two brothers co-owned, so that Floyd can sell the condo.

[UPDATE: Heavy D's mother has issued a statement, clarifying that D's daughter will still inherit her father's assests.]

Talking to AHH, Heavy D's mother, Eulahlee Myers, explained the current situation with Heavy D's estate. As we reported earlier this week, Heavy D's brother is seeking control of the late rapper's estate.

Ms. Myers confirms that Heavy D's teenage daughter, Xea, will get all the money from her father’s social security, pension, and future royalties. She will also get all Heavy D's personal posessions that are held in storage. 

Ms. Myers explains that Floyd's petition filed in Los Angeles court for control of the estate is only so that he can sell a condominium which is in both Floyd and Heavy D's name.

Heavy D's mother said in her statement, 

Heavy’s Estate needs to be managed. It cannot be self-managed or self-administered and it has to be Court approved. Open bills, unfinished business, taxes and day to day decisions including future plans for his daughter all need be done. This management needs someone who is capable, smart, honest and close to this family.

The family all wanted Floyd as that person to represent Dwight’s estate. This decision was made by Heavy’s mother Eulahlee, Heavy’s father Cliff and Heavy’s sister Portia. The family has a great relationship with Xea and her mother and are “all” working diligently to raise Xea the way Heavy intended.