H.E.R. is set to begin her North American "I Used To Know Her" tour that kicks on November 10th in Atlanta and will take her around the continent to perform in some of the hottest cities. Before she hits the road, the California born singer paid a visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night to perform "I Am" that comes off her latest tape. 

In the video below, H.E.R. born Gabi Wilson, rocks her usual big shades and signature curly locks proving her impressive talent. A while back, Gabi talked about getting signed by RCA records at the tender age of 14-years-old. “They allowed me to figure out myself before I wanted to present myself to the world because at 14 you’re a different person than age 18 or 19, 20,” she said. “I’m really grateful for that.”

Now Gabi's easily one of the hottest R&B singers in the game and her success is only beginning. Watch her full Jimmy Fallon performance below and cop tickets for her tour here