If you're a follower of Drake's Instagram account, you may have caught a video the rapper posted of some particularly impressive vape tricks by 21-year-old social media star Austin Lawrence (@vaustinl). With 35 million followers, a Drake IG co-sign is a big deal for anyone, rapper or "vape enthusiast," and in a new interview with GQ, Lawrence has revealed how he met up with Drake and earned an invite to his YOLO Estate in Calabasas. 

It all started with Drake posting a clip of Lawrence's on his Instagram, which inspired the vape master to slide into the rapper's DMs. While he was unsure if he'd get a reply, Drake jumped on the opportunity to get hooked up with a free vape. 

“He was hookah-ing at the time, basically,” recalls Lawrence. “He was like, I've never seen the machines you were using. Then he said, yo, could you hook me up with a vape?’ I told him, I'll hook you up with a starter kit or whatever.”

Ultimately, Drake was impressed enough with Lawrence's smoke ring techniques that he paid his travel expenses to see it first-hand.

"He was like, yoooooo, should I just fly you out?,” remembers Lawrence, to which he replied, "um, helllllllll yeah."

The evidence of the trip made its way onto IG as well. Check out the pictures below and read the full GQ profile on Lawrence here. No word on whether Drake has officially made the switch from hookah to vape.