Hillary Clinton is taking heat today for a sarcastic remark she made on Friday, where she teased the moderator of a discussion for confusing two black Democrats.

The moderator/interviewer, Kara Swisher, asked Clinton, "what do you think about Cory Booker...saying 'kick them in the shins' essentially?" to which Clinton replied, "well that was Eric Holder," adding with a truly deadpan delivery: "I know they all look alike."

The context of Swisher's question is a statement that Eric Holder, not Cory Booker made. Holder was the Attorney General under Obama, while Cory Booker is a Senator from New Jersey. Holder's statement was about the question of whether or not to sink to the level of the Republicans on certain wedge issues. 

Michelle [Obama] always says 'When they go low, we go high.' No. No. When they go low, we kick them. When I say we kick them, I don't mean we do anything inappropriate, we don't do anything illegal, but we have to be tough and we have to fight.

A very different question coming from an Attorney General than from a Senator. 

Right wing commentators (by commentators I mean people with Twitter) are lashing out at Clinton for her remarks, calling her "racist" and apparently missing her sarcasm or to whom her remarks are directed. Here is a section of the video posted below by a Trump supporter who, judging by the content on his twitter feed, is actually quite racist himself: