Kanye West's crusade against the music industry is well underway, and as he currently fills his Twitter page with volley after volley, some potential allies have been mobilizing on their own turf. In fact, one such ally is none other than Hit-Boy, who has had many of his own personal issues with Kanye West over the years. Yet today, he has managed to find common ground with his former collaborator, seemingly inspired by one of his many tweets against Universal Music Group. 

Hit Boy Kanye West

Amy Sussman/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Off the bat, Hit-Boy clarifies where his issues with Kanye West began; given their history of making bangers together, the origin of their falling out is rather bizarre. "I haven’t been a fan of Kanye on a personal/ human level since he told me face to face he stopped picking my beats because I worked with Beyoncé," begins Hit-Boy, in a lengthy statement on Instagram. "This is after I produced nig*as in paris , clique, and a myriad of other songs / projects for him and his label GOOD Music in the 2 years I was signed with them."

He goes on to highlight one of Kanye's many recent tweets, specifically the one in which he likens the music industry and the NBA to "slave ships" and himself to a "new Moses." In fact, since Ye first fired off that tweet, he has since elaborated on his goal to shake-up the industry at large and help his fellow artists earn what is rightfully theirs. A noble cause, and one that Hit-boy can agree with. "This tweet is something I can agree with though," affirms Hit. "[Universal Music Publishing] has held me in what the last 3 lawyers Ive hired have referred to as the “worst publishing contact they’ve ever seen” since I was 19 years old."

"I'm 33 now and have multiple Grammys, produced a lot of your favorite artists biggest songs on top of turning in over 450+ records since I first signed and @umpg still doesnt have it in them to simply be fair," continues Hit-Boy. "If they’re doing this to me with all I’ve accomplished through hard work I can only imagine the kids who don’t have big placements/ proper guidance. If I have to be the one to get blackballed for telling the truth and trying to set the next generation free then so be it." He proceeds to call upon Universal, Polow Da Don, Jody Gerson, Walter Jones, and Roc Nation to help fix the situation and put an end to "slave deals" once and for all.

Though he once felt passionate enough to end a collaborative partnership over a Beyonce collaboration, it's clear that Kanye has decided some issues are simply too important to nurse a grudge. Following Hit-Boy's statement, Yeezy shared the message on his own Twitter page alongside a triumphant "From HITBOY LETS GOOOOO." He also attempted to clarify his issue with Hit-Boy, explaining "I DIDN’T HAVE A PROBLEM WITH HIM PRODUCING FOR BEYONCÉ ... I HAD A PROBLEM WITH THE FACT HE WAS SIGNED TO ME AND I DIDN’T KNOW BUT I KNEW JAY AND BEYONCÉ AND HIT-BOY ... JUST FOR CLARITY."

Though it's admittedly welcome to see both men find common ground once again, it feels like the war they're set to wage on the music industry at large is only getting started.