Earlier this year, just a month after Pop Smoke was murdered in a home invasion in the exclusive Hollywood Hills area of Los Angeles, Hitmaka came forward to say that he was almost a victim himself. The megaproducer formerly known as Yung Berg shared surveillance footage from his security system that showed what looked to be a number of armed men attempting to break into his home. He claimed that a woman he was seeing had set him up, and now he believes the people who killed Pop Smoke were responsible for his incident, as well.

Hitmaka, Yung Berg, Pop Smoke, Home Invasion
David Buchan / Stringer / Getty Images

Hitmaka shared his theory while chatting with Drink Champs. “She was sharing out the location and it was three guys with guns,” he revealed. “They tried to come and kick in my crib. I had the alarm on. The crazy thing is that when it was happening, instead of her being like a girl who was in the midst of a home invasion like I was, she was fighting me. She was trying to fight me. She punched me again when it happened." He added that he is "still dealing with PTSD from that sh*t.”

Following the incident, Hitmaka contacted his lawyer and flew across the country to Miami for some rest and relaxation. Later, he claims Pop Smoke's girlfriend, someone he's "casually cool" with, contacted him to say that the people who came after him were the same individuals who targeted Pop. If you haven't already, check out Hitmaka's appearance on Drink Champs below.