There is currently speculation that Hoodrich Pablo Juan has been robbed again in Atlanta. In the past, the rapper has gotten his jewelry taken from him only for the robbers to post up on Instagram with his chains. Now, it appears as though the crime was a little more serious.

If initial reports are to be believed, Hoodrich Pablo Juan was the victim of a robbery a few days ago. Right now, it is simply rumored. Pablo Juan has not commented on the matter. In fact, his social media channels are nearly empty. However, people seem to believe that the 1017 Eskimo artist was jumped after leaving the studio in Georgia. An Instagram user named @Rxpeso is claiming to have all of Pablo's chains, posting a photo on his page.

It's said that after the rapper was jumped, the crooks left him naked in the street, stealing his clothes. If that's all true, it's a pretty embarrassing crime. Hopefully, Pablo Juan addresses the situation soon so that people can calm down.

Social media has been ablaze since people starting finding out about these rumors, saying that the rapper gets robbed nearly every three months. One fan even said it's like he has a "subscription."