After revealing in a video yesterday that his "retirement" from rap was a hoax, and he's not moving to Australia after all, Hopsin is getting straight into the promo for his new album Pound Syndrome.

At the end of the video from yesterday you may have noticed the art for something called Pound Syndrome, which Hop said was coming in 2015. It's Hopsin's new album, which the Funk Volume rapper says is already completed and awaiting release.

Read his Instagram message below, and peep the album artwork in the gallery above.

"I'm extremely happy to announce that I have already completed my 2015 album "Pound Syndrome" for youguys! I didn't wanna tell anyone I was working on it because I didn't want ANY pressure at all. The Funk Volume team is about to come strong as fuck! Shout out to @threekingsdr for the artwork! #PoundSyndrome#FV2015"

We'll keep you posted when he announces a release date. Are you excited for it?