Following the terrifying news of the partial building collapse near Miami on Thursday, tragedy has also struck in another region of the United States. Early Saturday morning, a hot air balloon ride in New Mexico sadly turned into a fatal accident. According to TMZ, the gondola that was carrying riders through the sky in Albuquerque suddenly detached from the ballon, causing all five of the riders to plummet to the ground. At this time four of the victims in the accident have been pronounced dead, and one is reportedly critically injured. 

As seen above, people in Albuquerque were able to capture the horrifying incident on video. The video starts after the tragic moment when the riders' gondola snapped and rapidly descended, so throughout the video, all you can see is the deflated balloon slowly floating down.

According to TMZ, local authorities have said that the basket crashed into some power lines and subsequently sent the carrier up in flames. The unbelievable accident also reportedly caused an electrical outage in the area.

See a different angle of the tragic air balloon accident below, and stay tuned for possible updates.