Rising Toronto rapper Houdini, born Dimarjio Antonio Jenkins, was killed in a tragic shooting on Tuesday, May 26th. The shooting occurred in Toronto's Entertainment District, taking place in broad daylight and leaving three others injured. One was a 27-year-old woman, an innocent bystander hit with a stray bullet. Reports also indicate that a six-year-old boy was nearly caught in the crossfire.

Today, police have released a video of the moments leading up to Houdini's shooting, captured via surveillance footage. Detective Sgt. Andy Singh opened up about the incident during a news conference, revealing footage of the shooting and explaining that the shooter was waiting for the rapper to appear. Upon seeing his vehicle, the suspect opened fire on the young rapper and his associates, a gunfight that led to twenty-three shots exchanged. Houdini was sadly killed, and a 15-year old boy he was with was injured. 

Houdini Shooting

Rick Madonik/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Singh explained how the nature of the daytime shooting might have led to an increase in collateral damage toward the civilians in the area. "He quite clearly has no regard for human life," Singh told reporters, speaking about the shooter. "This was an active gunfight happening on one of the busiest street corners of our city. This is unacceptable." As stated earlier, one woman was actually hit by a bullet; she will luckily be making a full recovery. For others, it was a close call.

The footage is said to reveal the suspect's vehicle on Blue Jays Way, where he was seemingly waiting for Houdini to arrive. When the rapper made it to his vehicle, the shooter emerged from his own and opened fire. Singh continued to detail some of the footage. "As [the gunfight] unfolds, a little boy ducks into the vestibule here while these associates are returning gunfire to the shooter that came from the vehicle," he explains. "The little boy was exactly in the line of gunfire when it first started and the family, which can be clearly seen in the background, were in the receiving end of the volley of shots.”

Police believe that Houdini was specifically targeted in the shooting. The suspect remains at large. As for details, Singh states that he was wearing "a medical mask and light-colored Nike shoes." I’m imploring even the individuals who know who these suspects are they need to do the right thing. I ask them to contact us," he says. Rest in Peace Houdini. 

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