After all the shenanigans, controversy, and debauchery, could this really be what ends up taking 6ix9ine down? Earlier this year, Tekashi 6ix9ine aka Somewhere Over The Rainbow found himself embroiled in a mild legal snafu. During an Ugly God assisted shopping spree, the rapper was apparently accosted by a fan (who some say was on the hunt for clout) who went on to call him such inflammatory terms as "gay ice cream truck" and "walking lolipop." The disrespect seemed to trigger a rage in the young rapper, who reportedly choked out the fan in front of his parents no less.

At the time, the recipient of the choke posted a raging message on Twitter, writing "I JUST GOT CHOCKED BY TEKASHI 69 AT THE GALLERIA (Houston, TX) IN FRONT OF MY PARENTS," wrote Santiii, via Twitter. "MY MOM, BROTHER AND DAD LITERALLY HAD TO PULL ME AWAY FROM HIM AND HIS GOONS. I WAS RECORDING HIM WHEN HE DECIDED TO CHOKE ME HARD AS HELL. If you have any vids of this please send them."

Months later, it would appear that 6ix9ine's violent reaction may very well come back to bite him in the ass. It would appear the kid has pressed charges against Tekashi, prompting Houston police to officially issue an arrest warrant. The situation is muddied by Tekashi's counterclaims, which allege that the kid was calling him a "rapist pedophile" in order to deliberately provoke him.

We'll see what becomes of this.