UPDATE: Chicago singer Jean Deaux has come forward with her own rape accusations against Ian Connor. She has shared a recollection of the events on her Tumblr, revealing she was one of the victims who supported Malika Anderson in her case, though she did not file a police report herself. Jean writes that the alleged rape took place in a New York hotel room in 2013 when she was 18 years old. She also claims that Connor harassed her for weeks following the attack she describes.

"I wrote this for Malika," wrote Jean, "who’s case could have been stronger if I was as brave as she was and come forward. &For all of his potential victims, his past victims, and for myself. I wrote this because sleep cannot find me in this state of mind. I wrote this because I am the oldest of 4 black young women and no amount of words can stop sexual violence from finding them. I wrote this to reaffirm my truth and reclaim my own power, that no man can take, however hard he may try. Ian Connor is a serial rapist."

Connor has yet to respond to Jean Deaux's post.

Original text can be found below.

Ian Connor has always been a fairly bombastic figure in the hip hop world. He manages Playboi Carti, modeled for Kanye West and is a stylist for and member of A$AP Mob, but has made a name for himself aside from those associations, largely due to his outsize personality. Today, he stands accused of rape by an Emory University student.

In a long and detailed blog post, Malika Anderson describes her alleged rape by Ian Connor on October 5th, 2014. She says she waited until now to post because it would have adversely affected the Atlanta Police Department’s investigation, which is now reportedly closed. No charges were made against Connor due to lack of physical evidence, but the Atlanta PD can re-open the case if more evidence comes to light. Ian Connor got off a plane just as the accusations were posted, and responded in a few tweets below.

Rape is always a more difficult crime to investigate than any other, purely because the damages and details of the crime don’t exist in anything except the body, and the evidence is often hearsay. Ian e was allegedly called in for questioning, but wasn't in Atlanta at the time and did not say when he would be back in the state of Georgia. At this point all we have are his tweets above denying the accusations.

OG Maco, who has dealt with his own online accusations, hopped on Twitter to defend Ian Connor and offer lessons based on the situation and his own experiences.