The main objective for most to get Trump out of office in the upcoming election. However, there have been others that aren't as keen as voting Democratic simply to get Trump out of the White House. Ice Cube has made it clear, with his Contract With Black America, that both parties will have to work for the Black vote. Though he reached out to both parties, the Republicans reached out first and Cube was hit with accusations that he was being used as Trump's pawn.

After clarifying his input on Trump's Platinum Plan for Black Americans on Chris Cuomo's show, Cube was still under fire by many people including another CNN correspondent. Don Lemon's show airs immediately Cuomo's and the two engage in a bit of banter in between their time slots on air. Lemon fired off at Cube after appearing on Cuomo's show, sharing his skepticism towards Cube's work with the Republicans. Unfortunately, even as politely as he put it, he received a demand from Cube to appear on his show.

"Thank you Chris @CuomoPrimeTime you’re a man of your word. @donlemon that was some punks ass shit you just did. If you have any balls. I need to be on your show Monday night at 10pm. I’ll be ready," Cube tweeted on Friday night.

That wasn't his only detractor, though. D.L. Hughley also called out Ice Cube. The comedian has been awfully critical of the rapper recently. Sharing a post titled, "Ice Cube Isn't Winning At Chess -- He's Losing At Poker," D.L caught Ice Cube's attention who quoted the tweet with a middle finger emoji.

Check out Cube's responses below.