With the All Eyez On Me film set to debut this Friday (June 16th), the culture of Tupac Shakur being rap's measuring stick for greatness has never been more prevalent. Ice Cube, on the other hand, wishes people would stop with the 'Pac comparisons, especially when it comes it Kendrick Lamar.

In a new interview on The Cruz Show at Power 106 in Los Angeles, Cube said that trying to stand next to such a legendary figure in hip-hop is a fruitless task. "Everybody's an individual," he said. "Especially, the ones that ascend and become a part of our hearts, in a way. These dudes got their own lane and Kendrick, he's off to a great start. I believe he'll be an artist on his own. You don't have to compare him to Pac at all. It'll be Pac there, it'll be Biggie there, it'll be Eazy-E there, Nate Dogg. It's Kendrick. He'll be there, too."

This reminds me of comments Freddie Gibbs once made about comparing himself to Tupac. Despite influences or how much you may sound or look like another artist, everyone has their own thing going.

Check out Ice Cube's full interview at Power 106 below.