Donald Trump has had all manner of enemies, but few have been as formidable as Ice Cube. Upon announcing his new album Everythangs Corrupt, dropping December 7th, Cube has officially kicked off his rollout with a post-election day anthem. 

"It's the warlord, bring the voodoo," raps Cube, over a head-knocking piano instrumental. "When I bail through it's crazy like Bellevue / What they tell you? Leave that boy alone / Like Home Alone, fuck a skull and bones." The song's chorus is simple, yet effective in its poignancy. "Arrest the president," repeats Cube, alongside footage of Trump conversing with Vladimir Putin. "We got the evidence."

Clearly, Cube has been keeping an eye on the news cycle, spitting lines like "that n***a is Russian intelligence." The legendary icon hasn't lost a step, still bringing the same raw energy and scathing political insight as he did during his storied rise. Only now, he's older and wiser, as likely to bust out a "teachable moment" as he is to put you on blast. Salute to Ice Cube for coming back to the game, and keep a look out for "Arrest The President" on Friday, November 9th.