As a controversial figure in rap, the passing of Jerry Heller has left fans of N.W.A. confused in how they should feel. In a new interview with Detroit’s Hot 107.5, Ice Cube has broken his silence on the death N.W.A.'s former manager, who he blamed for the financial disputes that caused his departure from the group.

When it was brought up by the host that "N.W.A. was here because of [Heller] in a way, in a sense,” Cube responded with “Whoa, watch your mouth,” before revealing that he had "no emotions" upon learning of Heller's passing. 

"I’m just glad I’m with my brothers today," he said. "I’m glad I’m with DJ Yella. I’m glad I’m with MC Ren today, and it’s only right. So, you know, I ain’t gon’ pop no champagne, but I ain’t gon’ shed no tears either. It is what it is, you know. We come here to pass, and he’s outta here, so you know. Like I said, I’m not losing no sleep over that one.

Watch the full interview below.