Ice Cube definitely has some big things lined up for 2014. Apart from promoting his new comedy with Kevin Hart, "Ride Along," he's got a new album to work on and he's producing for the N.W.A film titled "Straight Outta Compton."

The film, which was only confirmed in recent weeks, has nabbed "Friday" and "Law Abiding Citizen" director F. Gary Gray, and will begin casting tomorrow on January 8th. Cube spoke to MTV News about the plans for "Straight Outta Compton," saying, "We just tryin' to tell the story of the world's most dangerous group. We're trying to tell aspects of our lives that people don't know about, people aren't privy to."

With a title referencing Compton, you can definitely expect the city to play a central role in the movie. "The neighborhood influenced N.W.A, and then N.W.A influenced the neighborhood," Cube stated. "That's what we're trying to portray."

Ice Cube's new album Everythang's Corrupt is scheduled to drop on May 13th.