Is there anybody in hip-hop more connected than Ice (MF) T? The Original Gangsta, the Cop Killer, the Body Count frontman, Ice has assembled himself a treasure trove of stories, having crossed paths with damn near everyone in the rap game. Whether he's recounting witnessing Eminem getting booed at the 1999 Warped Tour or simply sharing some of his knowledge to the class, Ice-T has become one of the most interesting cultural figures. Naturally, he's able to get along with damn near everybody, across all eras. Now, Ice has taken to Instagram to share a picture from his vault, and it's bound to elicit joy from any hip-hop historian. 

Alexandra Wyman/Getty Images

"Can you name the MCs??" challenges Ice, in the photo's caption. The pic finds him posted up in the midst of the Ruff Ryder's clique, including DMX, Jadakiss, Sheek Louch, Drag-On, and a special appearance from a youthful Scarface. Though Ice neglects to share a year, it's likely that this one was taken in the late nineties, with a strong possibility of 1999. This would place the time period close to the releases of Ruff Ryder's Vol 1 and 2, which would explain their united movement.

Shout out to Ice T for sharing a piece of hip-hop history. If we can't celebrate those who helped pave the way, why bother? Respect to the OGs and the entire Ruff Ryders collective.