The last we heard from Ice T was when he tried a coffee and bagel for the first time in his life and announced the update on Twitter. "It's not what I expected," he said of the milestone moment. "Tastes like water, with another taste kicked in later.” Now just a few months later Ice T has dropped off an intimate photo from one of his mornings where he woke up to three girls in his bed - his wife, daughter and his pooch. 

The photo (that can be viewed here) shows Coco's nipple which is probably why it got pulled from his Instagram. It also shows the couple's daughter, Chanel, cuddled up next to her mom with their dog laying right above them. "I wake up every morning with 3 girls..... lol #TheIceFamily," he captioned the image.

Coco and Ice T have been together for 18 years now and the "High Rollers" rapper previously told Howard Stern the story on how he met Coco, which was a set up through friends. 

"I was on a movie set and I was grumpy that day," he explained. "And my boys saw her — she was on the set working — and they said, 'Well, this will cheer Ice up. Let's put her over near him just so he'll have something to do.' And I've been, you know, something to do for [17 or 18] years."