Maryland Rapper, IDK - formerly known as Jay IDK - has been steadily building up hype for his imminent album, Is He Real?. If claiming that he has the best rap album of the year in the stash wasn't enough to accomplish this goal, then getting the seal of approval from hip hop heavyweights, Kanye West and Tyler, the Creator, will definitely help. 

IDK shared a photo with a yellow-fitted Tyler on Twitter yesterday with the caption, "I JUST PLAYED IS HE REAL FOR THIS BANANA", while his caption for this same photo on Instagram promoted him being on the lineup for Tyler's Camp Flog Gnaw festival. Tyler - never one to hold back - tried to shoot his shot in the comments section by pleading for IDK to get his "red shirt homie to hit [his] line".

IDK later detailed on Twitter how his meetup with Kanye came about. Kanye apparently called him out of the blue to express interest in Is He Real? and then invited IDK over to his crib to play it for him. IDK described Kanye as a "very cool guy", as they ate lemon cake and solved Rubiks cubes with producer, 88 Keyz. Kanye seems keen on assuming the Rick Rubin-like role of elder music mentor these days, as other  artists have recently shared similar experiences of playing their music for him, including Pierre Bourne and Ty Dolla $ign.

After these crazy 24 hours, IDK tweeted that he now stands even firmer in his conviction that he's got the album of the year coming. After his impressive EP, IDK & Friends, last year, we won't be quick to doubt him. IDK also admitted that his album release has been held up due to his insistence on perfecting its creative direction. His eye for detail is evidenced in Is He Real?'s lovely cover art.