Iggy Azalea seems to get some unnecessary shade at times but the "Fancy" rapper is all too good at putting anyone in their place when they come after her. Whether it be on Twitter or Instagram, Iggy is comment watching and her latest response to a user is pretty funny. 

Iggy recently posted a photo to the gram of her seated courtside with diamonds on her neck,  with the caption: "When he get cocky and start poppin shit like: "Who else gone ice out ya neck?" And you like: " errrrrrmmm ME. lol."

A user by the name of @skylarmunkers commented saying "with what money" sparking Iggy to prove that she, in fact, can hold her own when to comes to securing the bag. 

Iggy follows up to the hater with: "Hmmmm would it be with the 5 mil I made [off] the super bowl, my investments, my publishing money for the songs I've sold millions of I get monthly? Maybe my new live nation touring deal? Or could it be My new record deal.... you tell me! there's so many options? How about you babe? Where's your bag wired in from? I wanna know since you're curious about mine." 

OK Iggy, we see you.