Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks have a history of bashing each other. The feud was most likely instigated by Banks, who noticed how the Iggy came to the game with a similar name. Since then, the Brooklyn native has taken many opportunities to take shots at her fellow female entertainer. Iggy's announcement of her break-away from Island Records has sparked another inflammatory rant.

According to some tweets, Azealia seems to think the news comes as karma, a kind of cosmic retribution for Iggy's alleged thievery. 

"Can we all give Azealia Banks a round of applause for completely ruining whatever plans Iggy Azalea had to succeed while having stole my name?"

She went on to make shady predictions for Iggy's career, imagining the "KREAM" rapper as the next addition to Love & Hip Hop's cast. She muses on how this reality television gig would come after getting knocked up by a random rapper from Atlanta. 

The Aussie felt compelled to fire back with her own (now deleted) tweets, starting with a jab at Banks' dentition:

"Even your teeth tired of all the sh*t you talk. That's why they look like they tryna escape your mouth."

She then makes fun of her skincare company, scoffing at the idea of her being financially successful with her music while mixing products in her bathtub. She ends with a good point: "Where was all this energy on Wild 'N Out?"