It had been rumored for months and, finally, Iggy Azalea confirmed the news. She is a new mother to Playboi Carti's baby boy, addressing the speculation on social media.

"I have a son," wrote the rapper on Instagram Stories. "I kept waiting for the right time to say something but it feels like the more time passes the more I realize I'm always going to feel anxious to share news this giant with the world."

In her message, she said that she will be keeping her son's life private. Her life, however, is open game as a celebrity so she's showing the world how she's successfully bounced back from her pregnancy.

In a video meant to show off her make-up and hair, Iggy panned the camera down and revealed her rock-hard abs just months after giving birth. It's unclear when she welcomed her son into the world but she appears to have taken just a few weeks or months to get back into shape.

She proceeded to throw on a 'fit from her sponsor Fashion Nova, looking snatched in the photo.

Congratulations to Iggy on getting back into gear so quickly!

How do you think she looks these days after giving birth?