Iggy Azalea has dubbed herself "the best crazy bitch advice giver."

In a comedy bit shared on her Instagram, Iggy positions herself as an advice columnist. A mystery caller writes in about her experience, as she has caught her boyfriend flirting with another woman in real-time.

You see, she was using her boyfriend's tablet, when messenger popped up out of nowhere, creating a mirror image of his cell phone conversation with another woman. The caller was stupefied, how could this be? She wasn't even snooping for answers, nor was she suspicious of him prior to seeing the thread. Quite naturally she didn't know how to proceed.

Iggy's response was tied to a personal experience of her own. She quibbled on about how guys need to stop linking their iCloud accounts to their iPads. She advises her friend in need to screenshot the messages. Once that's tucked away, decide how many of his belongings she wants to burn, in relation to the gravity of the situation. Iggy tells her to burn the cheaper shit first, out of catharsis, allowing him a chance to state his case. If she is dissatisfied with his apology she can then proceed to burn the expensive shit in his wardrobe.

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