Iggy Azalea is steadily regaining steam in the rap game after a few years of having not released a full-length project. The Australian rapper is making sure that everybody is aware of how much cash she is making while clapping back at a hater on Instagram. Iggy posted a photo of herself at last night's iHeartRadio Music Awards, feeling her look and letting her followers chime in. No stranger to receiving hateful comments, one IG user decided to let Iggy know that, in her opinion, she thought she could pull off a better look, writing, "You look like you reek." 

The Aussie lady saw the comment and figured it was the perfect opportunity to clap back at a hater. Iggy wrote back, affirming that she does in fact smell, but not of BO. "I do; of money. Your p---y probably stink like your dirty ass carpet." Yikes, she did not hold back. The rapper even put in some effort, going into the hater's account to notice the uncleanly rug in her photos, which she assumes smells bad. This isn't the first time that Iggy has taken time out of her day to let her haters know how financially successful she is either as not even one month ago, a similar exchange took place.

Iggy's pettiness is becoming a regular highlight to look out for in the Instagram comments section. I guess neither of them was raised to not say anything at all if you have nothing nice to say. Check out the exchange below.