It's been a minute since the days of "first things first I'm the realest." Since then, Iggy Azalea's relative absence from the game has been noted by her fans, though she has maintained a stalwart Instagram presence. That's not to say she hasn't delivered the goods on occasion. Last year found the Australian artist coming through with Survive The Summer, which featured the infectious, Tyga-assisted cash/ass anthem "Kream." Still, her last full length, The New Classic, arrived in 2014, marking a sizable gap between releases.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Luckily for the ones keeping score, an Iggy return is imminent. A fan took to Twitter to inquire about her upcoming music, and whether it remained in the "gestational period." Iggy quickly confirmed that the wheels were indeed in motion, with a new single arriving as soon as March. Her album, which was once upon a time titled In My Defense, is set to follow in April. Of course, these dates feel tentative, as are all things in the industry. Yet seeing as Iggy is now the proud owner of her new masters, perhaps the game will move at her own pace.

Are you looking forward to that new Iggy? Say what you will about the divisive rapper, but she has still proven capable of doing numbers. The aforementioned "Kream" has, at this moment, racked up one hundred and forty-four million views. Some came for the cash, others for another reason. Iggy has already teased a possible single, "Sally Walker," back in December, though the post has since been removed.