We've come to learn that Iggy Azalea is not shy about showing off her body. She is proud of her curves and will stop at nothing to show off her toned physique to her fans. One scroll down her Instagram page and you can tell that Iggy is feeling herself on most days. While sometimes her looks grab more attention than her music does, she is still one of the heavy hitters among female emcees, preparing her upcoming EP Surviving The Summer for a July 6 drop. Familiar with the art of thirst trapping, retailer Fashion Nova called on Iggy to represent their brand in their newest campaign and she went fully nude for it.

Aside from a pair of heels and some socks, the "Fancy" rapper is wearing nothing at all in her newest photos, crediting Fashion Nova for providing her shoes. With the brand quickly becoming a favorite for Instagram personalities, Iggy went a step further than any IG model has, baring all and showing off a risky amount of side-boob to promote the shoes. We can almost guarantee that the heels are not the focal point of the photo for many that choose to view it. 

This is not the first time Iggy has worked with the online webshop as she previously posed in the company's lingerie line. In the past, the Australian beauty has revealed even more of herself to the world but this racy shoot is among the most provocative of the bunch.