Iggy Azalea is putting the focus back on her music, or so she said during a Twitter farewell. "I'll be back in a few weeks when i have the artwork and dates for you because right now your supper killing my creative energy," she tweeted in her finale. Still, she made it clear during the farewell that Instagram would not be forgotten any time soon, and true to her word, she's keeping her Instagram followers well fed, or perhaps better put, thirsty. As of late, Azalea's feed has been a series of perfectly-curated modelling photos, showing off her physique in one way or another, some more revealing than others.

The latest series of photos where she makes her bid at the modelling business find the Australian rapper with her nips out. Not before Instagram removed her photos though, and she was forced to blur the nipples. "Portrait of 21st Century Woman living in post nipple world," she wrote.

The black and white photos show Iggy with a short bob haircut and a basically non-existent chain link dress. In another set of photos, she's repping Bob Marley on a t-shirt and swaying side to side.

Check out the series of photos below. Are you excited for Iggy's music? Or an update on her Instagram feed?