Iggy Azalea has been vacationing in an undisclosed location. Her whereabouts unknown, she drops into the ocean, in a stream of green and blue, her back turned to the camera. A cheeky flaunt takes us for surprise. Her ass, slightly out of water, dares to teach us how to look patiently and appreciate a good skin care routine, all in the name of some well earned R&R.

Iggy continues to downplay the general public's fixation on her surgically enhanced bod. These images posted on her Instagram, documenting her beach day, will surely go a long way in pushing the negative out of view.

The Aussie rapper' new single "Savior" is her first since making the jump from Def Jam to Island Records. She cites her reasons for jumping ship were due to Def Jam sudden lack of commitment following the poor performance of singles linked to her digital Distortion project