Iggy Azalea is back at it, exposing some more tea on the Playboi Carti-Brandi the Side Chick situation. Last night, Iggy shared a lengthy audio message accusing Brandi and her friend of leaking the news that she was expecting a baby last year, additionally claiming that Brandi's best friend was also having sex with Playboi Carti.

After being presented new information by a number of people, Iggy Azalea came forward and made some new claims, starting off by stating that she has been confused for a while about how the information came out that she was pregnant with Playboi Carti's child and was expecting a boy before she announced Onyx's birth. She says that she now believes that Carti's alleged side chick Brandi and her best friend leaked the news.

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"Let's air some more sh*t out, Miss Brandi! Because I've had more people come forward to tell me more information about this whole sh*t and how deep it goes so let's get into it. Are you ready for the next chapter?" asked Iggy on Instagram. "What I'm hearing is that while I was in Brazil last December and Jordan [Playboi Carti] was in Miami recording in the Hit Factory, little Miss Brandi, you and your friend, whose profile name I will get, were both in the studio but he wasn't f*cking you yet, Brandi. He was f*cking your friend. Apparently, y'all are real tight and go everywhere together. He was f*cking your friend and you were there with her for 'friend support', right? Now, I have always wondered how it got out last year that I was pregnant and having a boy. So, what I'm hearing now is the reason why that came out is because Brandi's friend who was getting f*cked in Miami while she was there by my man at the time got f*cked raw and my man started freaking out, saying, 'I'm having a boy! I'm having a boy! This can't happen! She's gotta take a Plan B!' I guess you took the Plan B, right sweetie, because there's no other baby I assume, but you both were already in the mix in December while I was five months pregnant and you very much knew that this man had a full girlfriend, lived in a house with her, and was having a boy."

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She says that Playboi Carti likely started having sex with Brandi in February, claiming that another famous celebrity was also having sex with Brandi at that time and asked "if it was okay" that he could also get with the groupie. She calls out Brandi for lying and saying that she was unaware about Carti's situation at home, saying, "I will keep pulling receipts, I have them. The only reason why I don't just put them on blast is because these are well-known people that are telling me this sh*t. Keep it cute and tell your family to get the f*ck off their Stories trying to sub me about sh*t that they should not be concerned with."

Iggy goes on to claim that a week after the alleged Plan B situation with Brandi's friend, the story about her unannounced pregnancy hit the press, so she links it back to them.

How much more messy do you think this will get?