Yesterday you may have seen the interview with Azealia Banks on Hot 97, where she got pretty emotional mid-way when discussing racism and the appropriation of black culture, particularly in relation to hip-hop. This was brought on by a discussion of Iggy Azalea, Azealia's nemesis.

While Azealia may get a tad too emotional during this discussion, it just proves how passionate she is about these topics (which is probably why she goes off on twitter so often). In the midst of the conversation, she did make some good points, one of which is: "That Macklemore album wasn't better than the Drake record. That Iggy Azalea shit isn't better than any fucking black girl that's rapping today. When they give those awards out...Because the Grammy awards are supposed to accolades for artistic excellence. Iggy Azalea is not excellent."

"Cause it's bigger than just playing the shit on radio, I don't give a fuck, that's fine bitch, do what you're gunna do. I have a problem when you're saying that it's hip-hop and putting it up against black culture," Azealia added.

Iggy Azalea caught wind of this interview, and she may or may not have actually listened to it, judging from her response. Read what she said in a series of tweets below.

If you haven't seen Azealia's full interview, watch it below.

[Update: Anonymous Threatens Iggy]

Having pissed off Azealia Banks and hip-hop fans everywhere, Iggy Azalea has now incurred the wrath of hacking collective Anonymous, who threatened her to apologize to Banks on Twitter last night. They claim to have knowledge about her sex tape, but say they will not release it. Instead, they say that if she doesn't apologize, "memory of you will burn from the public faster than the moment you surfaced." Read the tweets below.