Iggy Azalea is a divisive artist. So divisive, that one radio host was compelled to express his distaste for her record, after playing it on air. That DJ was Funkmaster Flex. According to Iggy, he called her record "trash", and while she maintained that the two were on good terms, she brought up the question-- why would he play it?

On HOT 97's morning show, Iggy explained the situation to the unknowing hosts. “I heard your Funkmaster Flex friend go like psycho,” she said. “He basically played the record and then was like, ‘I hate that record! Iggy Azalea is trash! And it’s like, well then don’t play the record then.”

She made sure to stress that she did not want to pursue a conflict with the DJ. “We don’t have beef,” she said. “I’ve been very nice about it. I’ve never said anything about it besides just now...It got ignored but noted.”

The Aussie rapper later spoke on general criticisms of her music. “Everything is subjective. Some things are for you and some things just aren’t for you. I can’t beef at everybody," she explained. "Some people might not like the way I sound, some people might not like that I rap in an American accent and I’m Australian. Some people might not like that I’m White and they feel the things that I do are stereotypically Black. Some people might not like that they think things I say don’t have substance or I should rap about other things. It’s subjective, some people love that about me, that’s music and that’s art. You can’t beef with everybody.”

Watch the full interview below.