Nick Young is going through a lot right now. The NBA player was in the market for a new job before the Denver Nuggets picked him up, beginning the Swaggy P era. Just a few weeks after though, they waived him, leaving him in search of a new employer again. The NBA champion has been clowned on and off the court for his childish antics and now, one of his previous fans is spilling some tea about their relationship.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Iggy Azalea is starring in a new Netflix series and she decided to get a little petty with her ex-boyfriend while filming. The Australian rapper is happy in her current relationship with Playboi Carti but her bond with Nick Young ended pretty badly. Iggy found out that her boyfriend was having a baby with somebody else and it turns out that just a few weeks prior, he gifted her a book that would turn out to be pretty useful in their break-up. During her television appearance, Iggy said, "I got this book off my ex-boyfriend, Nick Young. He gave it to me like two weeks before I found out he was having a baby with someone else. And ironically, it's called 'You Can Find Inner Peace.' Thanks Nick! What a good gift." 

Clearly, Azalea still feels some type of way about their relationship. Maybe she can regift it to him in the New Year. He might be needing it right now.