Iggy Azalea loves to show off her body. Has there been a week this year that she hasn't posted risqué photos of herself on Instagram? Probably not. One scroll down her profile and you'll see just how much Iggy feels herself on a daily basis. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. They say that if you've got it, you should flaunt it and the Aussie rapper has definitely got it. Iggy has been open about any operations she may have had to modify her body but she has kept the same stance on her famous behind since coming up. Her tush is 100% real according to her and she will show it off on any occasion she gets. 

Just a few days ago, the singer went fully nude for a new Fashion Nova campaign and today, she's baring it all again. Laying in a field of flowers, Iggy poses with her bright pink hair, proving that she can easily go up against any contestant from America's Next Top Model. In one of the photos, the rapper is wearing no bottoms, covering up her goodies with a single rose. The photo is understandably a little too NSFW for us to post for you guys here but you can navigate through the web to find it here.

In case you've stuck around and you want to see the other photos, feel free to scroll down. With Surviving The Summer dropping at the beginning of next month, Iggy is certainly making sure she has everyone's attention.