The Iggy Azalea sex tape drama continues. As we reported on last week, Vivid Entertainment is claiming they have a sex tape featuring Iggy, and they'd like to market it. At first Iggy's camp was adamant such a tape did not exist, however, they soon came around saying that if it was Iggy in the tape, she was likely a minor and it was likely filmed without her consent. 

Nonetheless, Vivid is set on getting the sex tape to the people. According to TMZ, Iggy's sex partner in the tape is a rapper by the name of Hefe Wine. He says that the tape definitely exists, and that Iggy was aware they were filming it. According to Hefe, she was 18-years old at the time.

As the battle between Iggy's camp and Vivid continues, the Australian rapper's lawyers have sent off a warning to Vivid. In the letter they state that "Iggy" is protected by the U.S. Trademark, and thus they cannot use it to market the tape. If they do, Iggy's lawyers are ready to sue them. Vivid reportedly still wants to release the tape.

Read Iggy's tweets on this whole matter below. She still seems to think she doesn't have a tape.