It's only a matter of time before marijuana is legal for recreational use in the entire country but for now, we take things step by step. Illinois has just become the eleventh state to legalize recreational marijuana, passing the law today and pleasing millions of people.

As reported by Vox, Illinois becomes the first state where the newly-passed legislature legalizes selling weed. The bill was signed earlier today by Governor J.B. Pritzker, who reportedly advocated for the legalization of pot during his campaign. Starting on January 1, 2020, you will be allowed to carry recreational marijuana on your person as long as you are above 21-years-old. Tourists in Illinois will not be able to purchase as much as residents can but the drug will also be available to people visiting. You may only grow the plant if you have a medical license. In a piece of amazing news, it is also being reported that low-level offenders and past convictions for minor marijuana offences will be pardoned and expunged.

Illinois now joins California, Nevada, Colorado, Alaska, and other states in legalizing marijuana. Hopefully, states like Texas, Georgia, and others will follow suit and legalize the recreational use of cannabis in the next few years. Congratulations, Illinois!