Early yesterday (September 30th), Troy Ave returned to HNHH with a brand new remix to ILoveMakonnen's indie hit single "Tuesday." While Ave was far from the first artist to put their spin on the track (shout out to Drizzy), he is the latest. It's easy to understand then why he may have been a bit offended by Makonnen's tweets later that day.

"Yall for trash for them remixes," began Makonnen in a four-tweet commentary. "That's the worst, fake beats and shit, lord! Let it go! I like the DJ remixes, the rapper remixes are eh. That's more of a cover song than a remix."

Ave, getting word of the tweets, decided to respond with his own: "jus snow dat #we gon see about thum comments when we see u fat b#tch !"

What do you think about Troy's "Tuesday" remix? If you haven't gotten a chance to hear it yet, you can do that here. Meanwhile, be sure to check out our list of "10 Things You Need To Know About ILoveMakonnen."