It takes talent to make it in the music business. Or at least it did for a long time. That concept is debatable in this digital age. One element that has yet to change, however, is the need of connections to make it to the top. In Iman Shumpert's case, he has a lot of them. He spoke to TMZ about having songs featuring his wife that he could drop at any moment. Still, he would rather not use them just yet. Shumpert, AKA Iman. would rather build his fanbase "organically." He says, "I could use my wife, but I'd rather people connect with me." Apparently, there are other tracks on the shelf that feature artists who could truly heighten the celeb's rap career. Those efforts will also remain unavailable until further notice.

Teyana Taylor has been on the scene for a while. She gained more popularity most recently through her relationship with Kanye West, especially with her appearance in his music video for "Fade." Shumpert also appears at the end of the video. It might be assumed that Kanye would be among those names Iman. refers to when he describes the features that could catapult his career. However, he has made it clear in the past that his wife's connection to G.O.O.D. Music has absolutely no effect on his music career. Ironically, Teyana appears in his latest video for "Love Her." Stream his Substance Abuse EP to get the full feel.