There's been an increase in vegetarian and vegan options at restaurants these days. Meat has always been a part of human diets but the question remains whether it's actually a necessity for survival. The Impossible Burger's become a leader in vegan and vegetarian options but the problem with plant-based options is that they are often more expensive than meat. However, the CEO of Impossible Foods -- the company behind the Impossible Burger -- claims that in a few years it'll be a more affordable option than animal products.

Pat Brown, Impossible Foods CEO, recently had a Q&A with a bunch of kids that were mainly the children of the employees. According to the Grist, he asked the crowd of children, “Who loves to eat hot dogs? Fish sticks? Hamburgers?” The crowd raised their hands before he killed the hype with one question. “Who here is really glad that they came from dead animals?”

Brown pledged to the kids that by the time they're adults the meat they'll consume won't be coming from dead animals.“I promise that by the time you are adults the meat you eat will not come from dead animals,” Brown said. “You can come find me and beat me up if I’m wrong.”

The Impossible Foods CEO explained that plant-based meat products actually require far fewer resources and less land to create than ground chuck. Brown said that once the company is able to hone into the mass production of the Impossible Burger, they'll be able to bring the price point of the burger down until it's more affordable than real meat. He hopes it'll happen in the next few years.

“With the caveat that this depends on scaling and other variables, probably three years with a high degree of certainty,” he said.

It looks like the Impossible Burger could be a staple at 4th of July BBQs in a few years.