Fans are always concerned about who their favorite celebrities are dating. While we usually hear more about this current generation of entertainers who are new to the game, social media recently pulled a couple of veterans to the forefront. Twitter lit up on Thursday (June 4) after rumors began to circulate that comedic actor Chris Tucker and singer India Arie have been in a secret relationship for 13 years. People were surprised that anyone could keep a relationship under the radar for that long, especially in the industry, and now India Arie has responded to the gossip.

India Arie
Frazer Harrison / Staff / Getty Images

"Me and Chris Tucker been dating for 13 years?!!! 13 YEARS?! Whew chile! Thats some STRONG BLACK (LOVE ) Tea Hot beverage," she tweeted. "Soooo, NO. I Do not date @christuckerreal ~ we went on A date or 2 ... apparently that was 13 years ago? I really don’t remember Lol... I STAN Black Love. Black MEN. Dignity of black women. Spirituality. And the right to GOOD LOVE and SELF CARE.HAVE for 20 years. #crazy."

Check out India Arie's tweets below along with a few responses from fans who were shocked by the Chris Tucker gossip.