While initial reports concerning Chris Brown's felony assault charge pointed to the singer sucker-punching a man after a harmless photobomb, the first police report says otherwise.

In a document obtained by TMZ, Chris' bodyguard is named as the one who threw the first punch, and also states that Brown only jumped into the scuffle afterward. 

However, the report has since been revised, correcting the instigator to be none other than Brown himself. This is actually good news for Chris, whose attorney can make a case against the mix-up.

It's also been reported that the cops interviewed each of the people involved in the incident on the scene. Law enforcement sources believe that some of those interviewed are lying outright, which will once again give Brown's lawyers something to work with.

[Update: Charge Reduced To Misdemeanor]

Chris Brown appeared in court today, where his felony assault charge was reduced to a misdemeanor. Brown plead not guilty to the charge, and was released with no bail. Chris has also been ordered to stay 100 yards away from the victim. 

While the singer was initially ordered to complete a drug test, the request has been revoked. His bodyguard's charge has also been reduced to a misdemeanor.

More info to come as it arrives.