I'm sure the majority of us remember when rapper Waka Flocka said he wasn't Black on Sway In The Morning. Trusting that your memory serves you correctly, you probably remember that people freaked out and called the Flockaveli rapper's claim everything from bizarre and delusional to washed. But when Flocka finally took a second to explain himself, people were definitely intrigued by what he had to say and by people I mean conspiracy theorists. In a video he posted to Instagram, that he has since deleted, Flocka started out by saying that he's "not the Black that America call" him and that "it’s just hard for a ni**a to be from the slums, the ghetto, the hood, whatever, and when you become this celebrity you get to walk the world" and find "the truth.” 

He went on to explain that when taking those so-called "truths" back home to America, you begin to see a pattern of people within your community and life that are plugged into the "matrix" and soon realize "it’s not reality, and you know it’s not the truth and it’s hard to explain it cause you truly learning still, you experiencing false statements and false lifestyles, and it’s hard to explain.”

It may seem peculiar that Waka Flocka goes out on a limb to make a claim like this but he's by far not the first. Take for instance Atlanta Rapper B.o.B who has been making numerous headlines for his off-kilter and against the grain conspiracy theories on a myriad of topics. From his shocking theory that slavery never happened to using the solar eclipse as an example to reinforce his belief that the earth is flat because "the moon generates its own light."

We attempted to understand where B.o.B. was coming from with his conspiracy theories and let's just say, this shit is a trip y'all. The main premises of what B.o.B is preaching has to do with the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind and how it's frequencies create the reality around you which is juxtaposed by elements and ideological sciences like Alchemy, Quantum physics and more. Some of the things he says are motivational and spiritual in nature while others are informative, inflammatory and precautionary of sorts.  The most that we can say to preface this Instagram Gallery is this; don't read this unless you are fully capable of being open-minded.

Programming of the Conscious & Subconscious Mind

One of the main ideologies that B.o.B's conspiracy theories hinge on is his idea of the programming of the mind. There are simplistic variances of his assertion of programming, which he explains in this video about realizing the capabilities of subconscious programming in order to realize your dreams.

Then there are more complex pontifications on subconscious programming like this video where B.o.B attempts to explain the relationship between reality, or the illusion of reality and programming.

He also tries to break down how one can train their own subconscious mind to reprogram it's conscious mind.

Possibly the most interesting, or disturbing notion B.o.B recently gave, was how parts of the mind that aren't conscious can be taken over by entities until you realize they are there.

Frequencies & The Construction of Reality

Moving forward into a more complicated territory, B.o.B frequently touches on this theory concerning frequencies the mind emits, suggesting that existence is essentially a vibration that is the result of the feedback loop between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind and how that, in turn, creates our perspective realities.

He also tries to explain the relationship between the physical and spiritual war that is a result of the struggle to control the frequencies of the mind that are connected to the creation of reality through quantum theory.

Cloning, Reality & A Whole Bunch Of Other Shit We Are Attempting To Understand

This next conspiracy theory is rooted in none other than the elusive and divisive idea of cloning. With connections between Aliens, Genomic altering of DNA, frequencies, Dr. Sebi and you probably would've never guessed this one but Left Eye, this theory is way too complex to try and interpret. So we will let you figure it out on your own.


This next and final portion of B.o.B's conspiracy theories falls more down the rabbit hole than any of his previous denunciations. Here, he attempts to give us some background on our true origins and how understanding them will allow us to truly activate our inner power and take control of our reality. 

He goes on to elaborate that Alchemy is the linking practice that connects the different cohorts of these theories.

And finally, this last one is just too much to handle. Whether or not it is legitimate or delusional, it's substantial. We can't give you the answer, but we do hope, as B.o.B says it, that you don't "get your ass rocked to sleep."