If you were put on the spot and had to recall the number of times you got extremely high and did something stupid or forgot something major, what would it be? Would it be something minor like waiting for a stop sign to turn green or spending 20 plus minutes searching for your lost phone that's in your hand? 

Well, Curren$y takes the cake for failed high moments when he told TMZ back in 2013 that he got so baked he forgot to attend Wiz Khalifa's wedding with his now ex-wife Amber Rose. Seriously, look at this video:

Curren$y is most likely everyone's OG when it comes to smoking, based off this wild ass anecdote, and well, his sprawling discography of music that advocates for fine women, finer weed and luxury cars. When it comes to this weed shit, Curren$y is up there with the best of them. And though we all can't get in on Curren$y's fabled about smoke sessions, we do get a small window of opportunity into the life of a stoner elite via his Instagram feed.

From Turkey bags of kush to fire-flame French-inhale pics, Curren$y's Instagram has the dopest of dope posts. Roll up and let's get lifted as we take a look at his most stoner-tastic posts. 

Sometimes a tragedy - like the post below - can only be described with a meme to properly articulate the true feeling. If your mom ever threw out a slab of wax she thought was old candy, Curren$y knows the feels.

Here we have Spitta comparing two Grammy wins to how it feels after you roll "two sweet ass joints."

Another part of the Stoner Instagram arsenal is 420 friendly memes, because who doesn't already love memes, in addition to the added appeal of weed-related subject matter.

We aren't sure, but then again, we are pretty sure that it is essentially a rite of passage to post a picture of spectacular nuggs/flex pictures of giant Turkey bags of kush whenever you get your hands on some. These next two pics are dedicated to the art of "Nuggtography(Photographing weed)." Take for instance, this beautifully photographed bag of Curren$y's own "Andretti OG."

The genuine enthusiasm Curren$y shows for this green gift from Berner is simply magical. Also, if this is really like "Gelato" on crack, then we are definitely with that!

Probably one of the best perks of being a Stoner is the unique and half-baked outlook on life due to your altered mental state. Basically, a whole bunch of shit that usually isn't funny or normally wouldn't be is all of a sudden freaking hilarious. And then the stuff that is actually funny is amplified eight billion percent...like some of these posts below.

We'd like to know who made this diagram on the "Effects of Weed'. More specifically, who wrote the part, "Sex is pretty fucking amazing. Your balls feel amazing too."

Honestly, this one is major because we're sure that all of us have ruined some food because we were too Stoned to make it.

As funny as this is, it's not funny when it really happens to you. The burden of ordering a Pizza while Stoney-bologna is taxing to say the least. So many questions like "What toppings?" "What crust?" "What's your Social Security number?" It's all so overwhelming, but it's great to see a veteran Stoner like Curren$y overcome it all and order a pizza by himself as a high boss should.

Textbook Stoner humor: Trolling shit everyday shit, iterally.

This one really speaks for itself.

If Stoner's had a past time other than smoking reefer, it would probably be dancing, and or, the Stoner shimmy as exemplified by Curren$y here.

Your spirit animal may be a lion, alligator or tiger but this right here is Curren$y's and honestly, we get it.