Completely unbothered by the industry executives who push for packaged style and sound, Doja Cat wears her eccentricity like a badge of honor. Proving to the world that she knows what she's doing, the 23-year-old Los Angeles native achieved viral superstardom with her off-the-cuff 2018 hit "Mooo!" Inspired by a cow print tour outfit, Doja went on to cut out a niche for herself in the mainstream with bars like "Got milk bitch? Got beef?/Got steak ho? Got cheese?/Grade A ho, not lean/Got me A1, sauce please" paired with a delightfully quirky visual that fully cemented her status as an internet darling. 

In line with her willingness to explore blithe subject matter often shunned by other female emcees committed to hard-cut lyricism, Doja Cat's style strays heavily from the Fashion Nova fits currently dominating social media feeds. Often linking her style choices with lyrical inspiration, Doja keeps her colorful influences both varied and unique. "I pull a lot of my style from Harajuku street fashion and nineties, early two-thousand’s fashion," Doja explains. "I love wearing my surreal and sparkly shit, but I kind of change a lot… I can be a goth one day, but the next day I am covered with flowers. The Japanese culture is basically one of the main inspirations, so that might explain a lot of my outfits."

For a roundup of Doja Cat's most inimitable fits that she's flexed on Instagram to the delight of her nearly 2 million followers, check out the gallery below. 

Rich Polk/Getty Images


No outfit is complete without a Doja Cat-approved headpiece. 


Nothing but feathers on feathers for the BET Awards. 


Who said Trolls were strictly for kids?


It's easy to drop bars like "Bitch, I'm a cow/I'm not a cat/I don't say meow/Bitch, I'm a cow" in this fit.


Doja's Harajuku street fashion influence is on fill display with this all-white ensemble.


Forget fanny packs because according to Doja, ski masks are the new on-trend look.


"Idk what to call this. Help me out. Roast me. Idgaf," writes Doja alongside a snap of her flexing in an all-neon ensemble. 


Flashing underboob on Instagram is nothing new, but Doja makes the style all her own with some well-placed thigh cutouts. 


Unlike other celebrities, Doja rocks her Coachella-ready festival style year-round.  


True to her name, Doja Cat chooses kitty-themed T-shirts over designer duds.