After bursting onto the scene with their unforgettable performance on season 14 of the Oxygen reality series Bad Girls Club, Shannon and Shannade Clermont moved quickly to plant their stilettos on the forefront of public consciousness. Rejecting the notion that fame is fleeting, the Clermont Twins stayed busy doing the most to grow their ever-growing social media fanbase while quietly building a budding empire in the background. While at first glance it may seem that the platinum-haired twins are little more than two wannabe Instagram thots armed with Snapchat filters and cosmetically-enhanced assets, there's no denying that Shannon and Shannade have made waves far beyond their massive follower count. 

"We love our nice things and we take pride in showing them off. We earned them. Every time someone sees a woman with nice things she's called every name in the book. Especially if she's black. That's tiring and we're never going to stop that. We clap for ourselves every time we accomplish something. Shit, who else will?" Shannade revealed to Paper magazine, praising the efforts behind her and her sister's hard-earned fortune.

Alongside debuting their own luxury womenswear brand, the twins set social media ablaze with their semi-nude promotional shoot for Yeezy Season 6 which earned a stamp of approval from Kim Kardashian-West herself. 

However, the toxic underbelly of their plastic lifestyle soon caught up with one-half of the famous duo. Back in July 2018, Shannade officially entered the IRL Bad Girls Club after she was arrested for allegedly stealing a dead man’s debit card/personal information after meeting him for a $400 “prostitution date." According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Shannade racked up "thousands of dollars in fraudulent purchases" in the months following his death and event paid her rent and phone bill with the stolen card. 

After pleading guilty to felony wire fraud, Clermont faces up to 20 years in federal prison at her upcoming sentencing hearing on February 13, 2019. 

Curious to see the hottest pics of the Clermont twins living their best life before their greed and desire to flex hard for the 'Gram catch up to them? Peep the Insta gallery below. 

If You're Not Talking Money, The Clermont Twins Aren't Listening 

The Clermont twins aren't ashamed to flaunt their obsession with securing the bag, as seen here in this pic captioned, "WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WHEN THESE RACKS BLUE?! 

Fashion Nova Fit 

Keeping up the trend set by nearly every Instagram star, the Clermont twins proudly pose with their cropped Fashion Nova tees while flaunting some serious underboob.  


Posing topless for Yeezy's Supermoon promotional shoot, the Clermont twins clearly have no reservations about pushing Instagram's censorship rules to the limit. 


If It Doesn't Shine, They Don't Want It 

Sporting the hottest, Swarovski-studded looks is no laughing matter to the Clermont twins. 

Bath Time 

"HOW COULD A GODDESS ASK SOMEONE THATS ONLY AVERAGE FOR ADVICE?" captioned the siblings alongside a shot of them sipping tea in a luxury hotel bathtub.  

It's Yeezy Season 

Forget just going topless, because the Clermont twins were clearly ready to bare it all for a Yeezy-sized payday.  


Mont Boudoir 

"There's no stopping lights forever," wrote the siblings in a pic accompanying a promotional run for their luxury womenswear brand.  

Real Sisters

In this clip from the official music video for "Real Sisters," the Clermont twins pose in lingerie as Future spits bars like "Fuck around with me, you tryna dodge bullets/Fuck around with me, I fuck twin sisters" which raises the this art imitating life, or life imitating art?  


Sister, Sister 

If a concept is controversial and will land them more followers/a paycheck, the Clermont twins are most likely willing to go for it. 

No, They're Not Lucky...They're Blessed 

According to the Clermont twins, there's enough room on the throne for two queens.