When it comes to ranking the most extra divas in the entertainment industry, there’s no doubt that iconic R&B songstress Mariah Carey is sitting pretty at the top of everyone’s top 10. From brazenly claiming during a live TV interview that she "doesn't know" who Jennifer Lopez is to seeming genuinely confused by everyday tasks like shopping and paying utility bills, it's no secret that the "Fantasy" singer is a permanent castaway on Diva Island. Twenty-eight years after dropping her eponymous debut album, Carey has now established more than enough clout and respect in the music industry to back up her unchecked holier-than-though behavior.

Not surprisingly, the undisputed leader of the #Lambily stan group completely owns her own brand of diva behavior. Speaking to Paper magazine, Queen Mimi dished on how earning the title was always completely out of her control because it runs in her blood. "I have had diva moments, and then people can't handle it," said the 48-year-old hitmaker

"I guess it's a little intense because I come from a true diva: My mother is an opera singer. And that's a real diva, you know -- Juilliard diva. And so other people that are like, 'I'm a diva,' it's like, 'Honey, you don't know what a diva is, you didn't grow up with my mom.' And I mean it as a compliment, or I wouldn't be the person I am without experiencing that."

Peep the gallery below to see all the times Carey gifted us peasants with true diva-moment uploads on the 'Gram. 

Here's The Tea

True to form, Carey paused her disastrous NYE performance in Times Square to demand a cup of hot tea while simultaneously gifting the internet with the first meme of 2018. Unashamed of her request, Carey closed out the night by letting her Insta followers know that she eventually got her hands on a hot cuppa. 



Naturally, there's a clause in Carey's Mariah's World TV contract that she cannot be seen in fluorescent lighting without sunglasses.


For Carey, glitz and glamor isn't limited to wardrobe selection...it's a lifestyle. 

I Don't Think So

If you're thinking of crossing Queen Mimi, think again. 

New Year's Eve

Carey hopped on Instagram to set the record straight about her disastrous NYE performance in Times Square while blaming the production team for looking to "capitalize on her humiliation." 

Bubbly Times Selfie 

Most people take all of their jewelry off before slipping in the bath...but not Mariah Carey. Instead, the "Touch My Body" singer chooses to bathe while dripping in diamonds.  

Mermaid Moment

Carey doesn't just "swim" in lagoon-colored water. Instead, she has self-titled "mermaid moments." 

Saying "I Do," Again

With more than enough money in the bank to back up her diva behavior, Carey rented out Disneyland in its entirety to renew her vows with her now ex-husband Nick Cannon


While you're busy closing out the week by counting down the hours until your next Netflix binge session, Carey's everyday Friday routine consists of posing in a designer dress on an elaborate staircase. 


Carey knows that a true diva keeps an air of mystery about her in everything from her personal life to her latest ensemble.