In an industry long-plagued with clout chasing, copycat styling and repetition, SZA's candor is equal parts refreshing and commendable. Shaking up 2017 with her critically praised debut album Ctrl, SZA's unique blend of R&B-meets-indie rock-soul-rap is a testament to the same authenticity that has netted her nine Grammy Award nominations to date. Now the undisputed neo soul queen of TDE with her spot in the industry firmly solidified, SZA's confidence in her own brand of unique expression can be seen in everything from her on stage performances to her interaction with her fans. 

Boasting a comfort-first style with a twinge of 90s nostalgia, the New Jersey native can frequently be seen on social media rocking fits ranging from acid washed denim to a bralette paired with oversized designer sweats. Not surprisingly a critic of the hyper-curated content popularized for digital consumption, SZA is committed to posting what she wants, when she wants-- not what her label thinks will translate into more streams and record sales. 

"Instagram stresses me out on a very deep level! I can’t be a part of it! It’s just a weird . . . I don’t know how to translate life into a digital experience," SZA explained to Vogue. "It’s way more exciting to me to just be in the moment. In that same token, there are moments that I wish I captured. Whether I was stunting or couldn’t believe where I was, like ‘God created this crazy creation.’ I’ll be like, ‘Damn, I wish I was better at the ’gram, because this needs a fire caption and an immediate post.’"

Is That A Bunny? 

Posed mirror pic? Too basic. SZA ups the vibe by cradling a tiny bunny over her exposed stomach. 

Hot Girl Summer

Picture evidence that SZA participated in Hot Girl Summer 2019. 

Same But Diff

One tub, two pics. 


"I be feeling morbid n joyful at the same time," captioned SZA alongside a mirror pic her her rocking a designer fit and fully-beat face. 

Peace Or Whatever 

SZA's down with that Calabasas tie dye hippie vibe. 

Snake Skin 

"I dunno what’s happening to me . I think I’m dying . I think I love it . Birth . Fuck it ." writes SZA alongside a snap of herself fully decked out in snakeskin. 


All green everything. 

Glam Squad 

Who wouldn't want photographic evidence of their entire glam squad at work?


Sza's here to show you she can expand your mind and drop your jaw. 

Issa Vibe 

"F--- it," writes SZA, not bothered to come up with a typical caption for her vacation vibe.