While there's no denying that "Havana" hitmaker Camila Cabello is the chart-topping breakout solo star of Fifth Harmony, former member Lauren Jauregui clearly has no problems making headlines on her own merit. Along with opening for Halsey on select dates for the Hopeless Fountain Kingdom Tour, Jauregui has also dropped several Billboard-charting solo tracks like "Expectations" and "In Your Phone," a collaboration with boyfriend Ty Dolla $ign

Officially going public with their relationship in October 2017, Jauregui and the "Pineapple" rapper have both jumped at every chance to praise their better half both in interviews and on social media. 

"She's amazing," gushed the 33-year-old artist when asked about why he and Jauregui work so well together. "I mean...she's the best, for sure."

"I don’t know [why we work so well together], we just vibe," dished Jauregui, echoing her BF's sentiments about why they're built to last. "We have fun together and he makes me laugh and he’s really sweet and thoughtful and kind and is just supportive. “There’s a million and one reasons why. Mostly, we are happy. When we’re hanging out, we’re just happy and vibing, and I don’t have to think about being happy, and I like that.”

Desperate to see more of Ty Dolla $ign and Jauregui doing the most on social media? Peep the Instagram Gallery below to see what it looks like to be young, rich and head-over-heels in love.

A Couple That Plays Together, Stays Together 

When they're not collaborating with some shared studio time, Ty Dolla $ign and Jauregui know how to let loose and have fun, as seen here in this picture taken at a California theme park. 

Te Amo 

Not to be outdone, Jauregui showed up her boo by reposting the exact same picture that Ty captioned "te amo" with her own addition, "Te amo más."


Clearly, these two are no strangers to swapping spit and showing each other what their mouths can do. 

AMA 2018 

"My handsome legend of a date😍✨💕👅," captioned the "Expectations" singer alongside a snap of her and her boo at the 2018 American Music Awards. 

Date Night 

Despite both living life in the fast lane, Ty and Jauregui still know how to enjoy some low-key romance. 

In The Moment 

"Yesssir," wrote Ty alongside a series of candid snapshots of himself and his girl. 

In Love 

According to the "Or Nah" rapper, there's only one love of his life - and that's Jauregui. 

Staking His Claim 

After Jauregui posted a sizzling mirror selfie, Ty hopped in the comment section to let her 6.5 million followers know that she's all his, writing "mine" below the pic. 


When wishing her BF a happy birthday, Jauregui took extra care to refer to him as not only her man but "her heart" as well. 

Couple Selfie 

Clearly, the "Paranoid" rapper doesn't hesitate to profess his love on the 'Gram. He's proud of his relationship, and he's happy to remind his followers time and again that he's not on the market.